The advantages of electroplating power supply, it turns out to be like this.

The electroplating power supply is one of the key equipment in the production of the electroplating process. It can provide a certain voltage, current, and output wave pattern that meet the requirements of the process to ensure the quality of different coatings. Quality requirements.

The advantages of the recommended electroplating power supply:
Since the electroplating power supply itself has the characteristics of low output voltage and large current, the processing technology regulations can be considered. Its rated output voltage is generally 6-30V, and the rated current is generally hundreds of amperes to several thousand amperes. Of course, there are also back to tens of thousands of amps.

The electroplating power supply uses power semiconductor devices to convert the AC power supply into a DC power supply. The electroplating power supply is also called an electroplating rectifier. The continuous development and maturity of the electroplating process makes the new electroplating process put forward higher requirements for the electroplating power supply in terms of waveform, frequency, automatic control, and comprehensive functions.

The electroplating power supplies we use now are mainly atmospheric pulsating DC power supplies, smooth DC power supplies, periodic commutation power supplies, unidirectional pulse tubes, commutation pulse power supplies, etc., all of which exist to meet different electroplating processes.

Each power supply device has its specific advantages and uses are also different. When using the power supply, we must select according to the implementation standards to avoid danger. The electroplating power supply has higher reliability, and the higher stability is being recognized and used by more people.

In addition, more and more stores have seen the advantages of electroplating power supplies. When developing products related to it, customers have to compare them more when purchasing. The safety factor is the standard that everyone mainly considers.


"Key components of modern power systems: the role of dry-type power transformers"

As a key component in modern power systems, dry-type power transformers not only meet the energy conversion needs of the power system, but also meet the requirements of environmental protection and safety. In the future, with the advancement of technology and the expansion of application scope, dry-type power transformers will play a more important role in the power industry and bring more efficient, stable, and environmentally friendly power services to people.

What should I do if the transformer suddenly short-circuits? Do you know these reasons?

To deal with transformer short-circuit accidents in daily operations, it is necessary to find out the essence of the problem through inspection and testing. When the transformer suffers from a sudden short circuit, both the high and low voltage sides will be subject to a large short-circuit current. In the short time before the circuit breaker can be disconnected, the short-circuit current will generate an electromotive force proportional to the square of the current that will act on the winding of the transformer. Electrodynamic force can be divided into radial force and axial force.

How much kW power consumption can a 1000kVA transformer withstand?

KVA (kilovolt-ampere) is the unit of apparent power, and KW (kilowatt) is the unit of active power. In addition to apparent power and active power, there is also reactive power, and the unit of reactive power is Kvar (kilovar).

High voltage test of power transformer - a full set of knowledge in detail!

In order to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the high-voltage test results of power transformers, the test content must be reasonably selected in strict accordance with relevant regulations. The content of high voltage test of power transformer mainly includes: measurement of insulation resistance, measurement of leakage current, dielectric loss factor test, AC withstand voltage test, etc., the following is a specific introduction. In the high voltage test of power transformer

The main protection and backup protection of power transformers, all the knowledge is explained!

The abnormal conditions of the transformer mainly include overload, lower oil level, overcurrent caused by external short circuit, high oil temperature of the transformer in operation, high winding temperature, high transformer pressure, and cooling system failure. When the transformer is in an abnormal operating state, an alarm signal should be given.

High-frequency air oxidation switching power supply completes high-current output

Design scheme of frequency air oxidation switching power supply. Because the output waveform is a waveform, it is beneficial to improve the sealing quality, reduce the melting of the film caused by the temperature rise, prevent the expansion of the pores of the air oxide film, improve the strength and relative density of the air oxide layer, improve product quality, and improve product quality. out rate.